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XTI has a wide range of womens shoes to choose from. They have a wide range of shoes for today's woman. Whether it is a classy shoe for events or conservative ones for work, there is something for everyone. Women’s shoes date back to the Egyptians and Romans and have changed to more sophisticated designs today. At XTI, the range of colours one can get a shoe is impressive, and the quality is unrivaled because they sell shoes from the best brands. The shoes range from size 35-41, hence, accommodating different types of women in their collection.

Every woman has seen those quotes that joke about women’s love for shoes. It might somewhat be true because statistics show that 80% of women admit they are proud "shoeholics." It is important to note that not everyone can afford to have thousands of shoes in their clothes especially since trendy women’s shoes can be expensive. Most women need to keep in mind the functionality of the shoe as opposed to its beauty. Most shoes for women were made to make them feel sexy and beautiful, with little consideration put in comfort.

So, what are the main shoe types a woman should have in her closet?


One can never go wrong with flats. They come in different styles and can be open or closed. Flat sandals are popular during the summer and trips to the beach while closed flats can be paired with outfits for a more casual look.

Classic black and nude pumps

This type of shoe makes women look sophisticated and classy because of the way it shapes one’s legs. They go with everything in one’s closet and have the ability to transform an outfit from casual to classy and vice versa.

Sexy lace-ups strap sandals

Women today are obsessed with showing off their beautiful legs with perfect pedicures and what better way than wearing strappy shoes. They are available in all kinds of shapes and prints, and every woman should own at least a pair.


Incorporating the male style in women’s fashion has been trending lately. From wearing tuxedos and ties to boyfriend jeans, women have made men’s clothes look feminine and soft. The same can be said about lace-ups as they are casual and comfortable.


There are no shoes that are more comfortable than clogs. There are also trendy clogs in the market that can transform a look to a ten.


Women everywhere are getting into fitness, making trainers very essential in a woman’s closet. The material trainers are made of is breathable, making it comfortable for gym sessions, runs, or hikes. The sole is flat, providing support for the whole body.


Mules date as far back as the 16th century in Europe. They come and go in women's fashion. At one time, they were only worn in the bedroom, but modern styles can be worn anytime and for any occasion. Classy mules are a must-have for any woman.

Depending on one’s budget and storage space, there are plenty of options among shoes for women. There are options for young women, older women, career women, etc. There is a shoe for all women depending on their needs. Don’t miss out on new deals at XTI at a very competitive purchase. Take a look at our best sellers and shop now.