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  1. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04497601Men shoes Xti lace-up 04497601
  2. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04497602Men shoes Xti lace-up 04497602
  3. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04497603Men shoes Xti lace-up 04497603
  4. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484701Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484701
  5. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484702Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484702
  6. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484501Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484501
  7. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484502Men shoes Xti lace-up 04484502
  8. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04450804Men shoes Xti lace-up 04450804
  9. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04450801Men shoes Xti lace-up 04450801
  10. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04450805Men shoes Xti lace-up 04450805
  11. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04389803Men shoes Xti lace-up 04389803
  12. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04389802Men shoes Xti lace-up 04389802
  13. Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07970204Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07970204
  14. Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07970202Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07970202
  15. Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07970201Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07970201
  16. Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07905403Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07905403 20%
    Special Price €39.95 Regular price €49.95
  17. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317301Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317301 33%
    Special Price €39.95 Regular price €59.95
  18. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317302Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317302 33%
    Special Price €39.95 Regular price €59.95
  19. Men shoes Carmela lace-up 06815902Men shoes Carmela lace-up 06815902 piel icon 33%
    Special Price €59.95 Regular price €89.95
  20. Men shoes Carmela lace-up 06815903Men shoes Carmela lace-up 06815903 piel icon 33%
    Special Price €59.95 Regular price €89.95
  21. Men shoes Carmela lace-up 06815901Men shoes Carmela lace-up 06815901 piel icon 33%
    Special Price €59.95 Regular price €89.95
  22. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04320303Men shoes Xti lace-up 04320303 20%
    Special Price €39.95 Regular price €49.95
  23. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04320301Men shoes Xti lace-up 04320301 20%
    Special Price €39.95 Regular price €49.95
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  24. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317403Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317403 17%
    Special Price €49.95 Regular price €59.95
  25. Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317702Men shoes Xti lace-up 04317702 20%
    Special Price €39.95 Regular price €49.95
  26. Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07653302Men shoes Refresh lace-up 07653302 20%
    Special Price €39.95 Regular price €49.95
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Men's shoes

Men’s shoes come in a very wide range because there are many different types and variations. XTI has an amazing array of shoes for men that fit all kinds of occasions and functions. They are attractive and fashionable, and some can work for both formal and casual looks.

Wearing the Appropriate Shoes for the Occasion

XTI shoes for men fit people from all works of life. There are affordable dress shoes for the more sophisticated or white-collar man that lets you retain your stylish look even when you’re neck deep in work. They come in a few different colours as men’s dress shoes are wont to do.

If you’re trying to spin the casual look, comfortable and simple looking sneakers are a fantastic option. Since simplicity is often regarded as the ultimate sophistication, you won’t go wrong making a pick from XTI’s casual options.

There also are some shoes for men that stay just right in the middle of the formal and informal looks. The varied dark coloured options help you keep attention off you if you’re trying to avoid it.

Sports lovers and players are also not left behind, as there are a few options to select from, depending on your specific need or the type of sports you play. XTI’s shoes for men have ergonomic designs that keep the wearer as comfortable as possible without sacrificing style.

Experiment with Colours, Shapes, and Designs

XTI has shoes for men that cover all the basic styles you’d like to try. Even the ones you’re not used to could come out absolutely well if styled properly. If you’re used to wearing just brogues, try out any of the amazing options for sneakers, and vice versa. Step out of your comfort zone and try other colours or designs for dress shoes. You might not be used to laces, but this is a good time to experiment with them. Sneaker lovers are also taken care of. There even are a lot more options with sneakers than dress shoes so feel free to try new designs and colours.

There are sport shoes that are not exactly sneakers but would still work if you’re going for a casual look. Here, you can dip one foot in by trying a colour you’re comfortable with before taking a total dive.

Give yourself a shoe makeover by going through XTI shoes for men and making a few choices. You can rest assured that whatever you choose will definitely be a sturdy and stylish design.