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Every woman knows that the right pair of shoes can turn any outfit from drab to fab. No matter how fashionable your clothes and accessories are, a look is never complete or finished without the perfect shoes. That’s why XTI works so hard to curate a collection of footwear for women that will fit all styles. Flats for the ladies on-the-go, classic heels for the working girls, high heels for the party girls—they’ve got it all for you.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of all basic shoes and clothing items that you’ll ever need to build any outfit for any occasion. In this style guide, you’ll learn about the different types of footwear for women and the find must-have pairs in your capsule wardrobe.

Ballet Pumps

Ballet pumps are a casual pair of shoes that you can wear if you’re just running errands for the day. They can also replace heels at the office (or any business-like setting) if your feet are sore, calloused, or injured in some way. It goes with a lot of looks and outfits, especially if you choose a black pair.


There are different types of boots to fit any style of woman. You have ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee-high boots, and over-the-knee boots. There are flat booties, heeled booties, zippered booties, and lace-up booties. For your capsule wardrobe, get a pair of flat ankle boots like Doc Martens or Chelsea boots that you can wear with more casual, everyday outfits, and a pair of heeled knee-high boots, which you can wear with both casual and dressier outfits.

High Heels

High heels are a closet staple for women. You can wear them with any type of outfit – whether casual, business, or formal. Heels are made for evening dresses but they also look good with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Like boots, there are many different types of high heels. For your capsule wardrobe, choose a simple pair of closed-toe stiletto heels for a classic, all-around shoe option.


When summertime comes around, make sure you have your favorite pair of sandals to wear. They are a staple for the season, especially when you want to spend a day at the beach. There are two types of sandals that you should have in your capsule wardrobe: the flat sandal and the wedged sandal. Flat sandals (strappy or slider) are light, basic, and easy to wear. Meanwhile, wedged sandals will look great with a girly sundress, a pair of shorts, or even a pair of jeans.


Your capsule wardrobe will never be complete without a pair of trusty sneakers that you can wear to a workout or to finish off a casual outfit. They can be worn all-year round no matter the season. They are also comfortable and versatile, which make them a must-have pair for your capsule wardrobe.

These five differents types of shoes are guaranteed to fit all kinds of women. Invest on them and your feet will never be out of style.