Integrated Management System Policy

XTI FOOTWEAR S.L. management is convinced that in order to assure the success of the company dedicated to the footwear desing and commercialization, it is essential to establish and develop an Integrated Management System, acquires the commitment of establishing and developing the aforesaid System based on the Regulations UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001.

Therefore, management supports and informs its employees and all the interested parties the following quality and environment policy in which XTI FOOTWEAR S.L. commits to:

- Work to guarantee that the service, customer service and the quality of the product delivered to our customers constantly meet and/or exceed their expectations.

- Set up the Continuous Improvement, pollution prevention and protection of the environment philosphy, with the goal of offering services that become more and more satisfactory to our customers. For that matter, we will try to develop in all the personnel a mentality of constant improvement in their position, detecting not only the mistakes and their causes, but recognizing in time the potential errors and their elimination.

- Evaluate in advanced the potential effects over the environment of all the new activities, products and processes adopting the required preventive measures.

- Train and raise awareness to each employee from XTI FOOTWEAR S.L. making them part of our quality and environment policy in all their activities, prioritizing the communication and information, in a way that the responsibility of the quality and environment management involves all the members of the organization.

- Guarantee the compliance of all the Quality and Environment legislation and normative applicable to our activity, as well as other requisites that the company voluntarily may subscribe to.

- Management is conscious of that to institute all the previous guidelines with success in the company, must place at disposal of the personnel the corresponding and necessary material and human means.

- Define, review and update this Policy periodically, guarantee its compliance, as well as the objectives and goals within the continue improvement commitment of our integrated system. For that matter, it will be used as central element, all the data analysis and statistics results, corrective actions as well as audits both internal and external developed within the framework of the Quality and Environment System of XTI FOOTWEAR S.L. according to the requisites of the Regulations UNE-EN ISO 1400 and UNE EN ISO 9001.


DATE: 12-03-18