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Women's ankle boots

Winter is a season accompanied with comfort. Boots, cardigans, and comfortable sweaters seem to define almost anyone’s style during this time. In the fall, cold is approaching so fashion is a bit more laid back, but the trends still seem basic. The best way to spice up one’s style during the colder months are ankle boots. Of course, the stylish boots of any material and any color can be worn seemingly all year long; they really are a key tool in elevating one’s cute and simple winter look.

XTI's selection of ankle boots are superb and offer something for everybody. Of course this stylish type of boot that can be comprised of any material and any color can be worn seemingly all year long, they really are a key tool in elevating one’s cute and simple winter look. Ankle boots can be paired with just about anything, depending on their size and look. They can actually somewhat update your wardrobe as a new statement, as heels in general do, as they give off the look of comfort, femininity, and power.

Although ankle boots are a nice addition to your closet in both the winter and fall, XTI’s diverse selection offers boots that could even be worn casually in the springtime. With nude colors and carefully crafted laser cut styles, XTI’s selection is very chic and fashionable.


Women's ankle boots styles generally appear similar through and through, however way they are worn. The material can make a difference in quality and how long they could last. Ankle boots worn in winter should have lower and thicker heels to help you balance and walk much easier. Materials used mainly for ankle boots are leather and suede, which may be hard to take care of. The best way to ensure your boots last for a long time, wear them carefully. Women’s ankle boots that are crafted from suede material should strictly be worn only during fall as suede is hard to clean and manage, especially when it’s wet. Ankle boots that consist of a leather upper can generally be worn stylishly in the fall and winter months.

Pay attention to the details

Women’s ankle boots have been a fashion staple for some time now. Whether they are complementing a casual or more formal style. The best ankle boots for fall looks should be light brown or taupe in appearance, and should include higher heels. Depending on your area and climate, there may be little trouble walking outside in ankle boots with higher heels due to the amount of ice and snow. Just because summer has came to an end, you shouldn’t really give up on wearing elegant and sophisticated heels, so switching over to ankle boots is the perfect choice that compliments the fall and winter hues. These boots simply do not overpower one’s style or style choices, and do not take away too much from outfits no matter what the heel height is. Unlike other boots styles, ankle boots are usually best for daytime looks. Heel height and color aren’t the only way to select the best style, as some come with different tassels, ankle straps, and the addition of faux fur.

What to wear with ankle boots

The best pants or bottoms to wear with ankle boots are jeans. Bootcut jeans work great but they appear better in the fall. Skinny jeans work fantastically with ankle boots including both higher and lower heels. The jeans paired together with the boots not only help your fall and winter style seem more put together and classy, but they also help to elongate your legs and add an elegant touch. Purses and accessories carried and worn with ankle boots should be in neutral and taupe colors as well – maybe even lighter baby-pink shades. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, thick-rimmed “hipster” shades would also compliment your toned-down yet classic look that is topped off by a pair of taupe ankle boots.

In conclusion, women’s ankle boots are more versatile than people may think. Although they can appear wobbly or uncomfortable to some, ankle boots are actually one of the most comfortable and insulated heel and boot variations there is. The style and feel of ankle boots paired with the material they are generally crafted from make them comfortable yet secure – making them perfect for the colder months when you are feeling a bit more uplifted and extravagant with your fashion choices.

Luckily, XTI offers all the different types of ankle boots and is the perfect place to purchase shoes for yourself, your partner, or even your children. As for your ankle boot choices and styles, your best bet would be to browse through our online catalog and you will surely find something that suits your needs. XTI’s quality is almost unbeaten, and you will be able to purshase them for very reasonable prices, especially when there is a sale.