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Women’s bags were created to hold any belongings women might need while they were out and about. Over time, they got bigger and started being made in a range of shapes and materials, but soon, something totally different was needed.

And so rucksacks and shoulder bags were born: their different hanging system kept the wearer’s back straight and prevented damage to the shoulders and neck. Though they were first used by messengers and soldiers, their sheer usefulness meant that they were quickly adopted by the world of fashion. Now, there are thousands of designs that go with anything, and we have hand-picked a selection of them with you in mind for our online store.

Whether you are looking for a handbag, a rucksack or a shoulder bag, we have just the thing for you! You can choose from a host of designs to match all your looks, whether casual, elegant or somewhere in the middle. On-trend colours and attractive, eye-catching designs with different closures and straps.

We have had a long think about your wardrobe, and we know that you need products that you can wear every day. This is why our selection of handbags, rucksacks and shoulder bags includes plenty of neutral tones that will look great on you at any time, regardless of evolving fashions.

As you know, all our products, including the ones in this section of our online store, are always made with the best materials, with a level of quality that only we can offer you. Looking for an everyday bag, or a rucksack you can use for shopping trips or picking the kids up from school? Got a wedding coming up or need a handbag for partying with your friends? We can help you! And, we almost forgot: our prices are practically unbeatable, as we offer incredible discounts so that your new bag will make less of a dent in your pocket.

Don’t hesitate and make the most of our free and fast delivery, so that you can show off your new accessory in the blink of an eye. Because at Xti, we are always thinking of you. The proof? Just take a look at our online shop.