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Girl's shoes

Kids Girls footwear has now become well versed in a variety of styles. Simple jelly sandals, flip flops, and sneakers are no longer the majority. Sneakers designed for girls now can compliment any outfit, from child-friendly light up styles to being topped with pom poms, and XTI’s shoe selection is a perfect example. XTI is a versatile shoe store with options for women, men, and children. If you are looking to add a little more style to a girls outfit, XTI has you covered.

The best footwear styles for kids and girls alike should be playful, fun, and should add a nice touch to any outfit. Whether it be a summer dress or cozy winter look, shoes should always compliment and uplift and outfit. One key feature in girls footwear and kids footwear in general is comfort. Everyone enjoys comfortable footwear, but comfortable footwear for growing children is ideal and important. Shoe styles like platform sneakers and low top sneakers that aren’t tight are two prime examples, as well as ballerina flats that aren’t too tight, and go well with dresses.

Browsing XTI’s editorials can be very helpful due to their simple outfit ideas, and their variety of collections, such as their new collection, special price collection, and their collection specifically made for girls.

Colorful Boots

Ankle boots can appear to be a footwear style for older women, but girls’ ankle boots are a brilliant shoe choice for young girls during the fall and winter seasons. Clearly, they would hold up better than your usual sneakers throughout winter. Colorful boots for girls are the best rather than taupe or brown boots. Taupe or brown boots can complement girls’ outfits as well, but colorful boots really help as they go with leggings and are more appealing, especially if they are layered with glitter, bedazzled with sequins, or include rhinestones in unique patterns. Colorful winter boots with laser cut patterns are ideal for young fashionistas.

Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats worn by women can be seen as an alternative to heels, and an easy way to complement a comfortable look. For young girls, ballerina flats are a symbol of ultimate femininity and are the best elegant alternative to sneakers or sandals. Ballerina flats should have somewhat of a small, thin platform so they do not scrunch up the feet or become difficult to walk in for children. They should be worn with looks that are more formal. Ballerina flats in colors such as black, burgundy, and white can prove to fit several outfits and be fit for many occasions, such as birthday parties or weddings in which a child will be attending.

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers for girls can make it a fun way to elevate a young girl’s style and height. Platform sneakers are also good for balancing, and they come in many styles and colors. Due to the elevated platform, they can spice up just about any casual outfit or pair of jeans. With a nice platform, more styles and additions can be added to the upper part of the shoe, such as zippers, pompoms, bigger laces, and even satin bows. Glitter platform sneakers also seem to be a popular shoe choice. Who doesn’t love a nice touch of glitter and platform to feel a little taller? This shoe choice may not be the best for athletic footwear, but they are a good casual style that can fit pretty much any little girl of any age.

Overall, kids girls footwear have somewhat evolved, with styles being mirroring those of adult shoes. Due to the increased variety, there is now surely a shoe choice for every child for pretty much any occasion. From sequins to charms, sneakers are now crafted with beautiful embellishments and are best complemented with a thick yet study platform. Girl’s boots are perfect for looking chic in the winter, and flats are the best alternative to somewhat painful or uncomfortable heels usually worn to formal events.

If you would like to have some room to choose, browsing and shopping at XTI couldn’t hurt! Their versatility and quality is one of a kind, especially when paired with their great prices, so be sure to stop by. You can purchase XTI’s shoes from our site, and also browse their editorials for style ideas and perhaps even some shoes for yourself.