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The collection of women’s boots in XTI is wide as it ranges from western boots, flat boots, over the knee, knee high, high heeled, ankle boots, flat boots… and the list goes on and on. XTI understands that footwear is a crucial part of any dressing especially to a woman who wants to make a fashion statement. For instance;

Tall boots

They never go out of style. Whether paired with leggings, jeans, sweater dresses, and skirts, they will always make you look stunning with a complete casual look. They are available for wide calf and width sizes.

Wedge boots

These are very comfortable to walk around in with the platform wedge heel, and you can pair them with your favorite mini skirt or jeans.

Combat boots

They can complete your throwback punk look by pairing them with a floral print short dress or ripped jeans and plaid to look fabulous.


boots With a block heel or a sexy stiletto, strut your way through work with high heeled boots paired with a dress or skirt, and if you are going for coziness, a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater will do nicely.

Choosing the right type of shoe for the right occasion is essential in ensuring that you are comfortable in your attire and have a high sense of self-confidence to get you through the day.

A tough decision that most women around the world go through is how to look their part in boots – the type of boots that would be ideal for a particular setting. You should consider these two factors when looking to purchase the perfect women’s boots.

Purpose of the Boots

Men are more prone to choosing boots based on their specific use. However, women do not necessarily decide the boots they buy based on purpose but rather the fitness and fashion aspects of it. An excellent way to determine the right boot to buy is to consider where, when, and what occasion you need it for. You could choose a boot for hiking in which case you will have to be sure if it’s for summer or winter.

Proper sizing

Comfortability should be key. Apart from the purpose and frequency of wearing, it is paramount that your feet are comfortable when walking through your busy work schedule. Owning a pair of women's boots is only half of it. Ensuring that they are appropriately sized is vital to provide comfortability and avoid cases that may lead to injuries.

Scope out the latest women boots at XTI from choice brands, size, and style all available in extended widths to offer comfortability and class.