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When it comes to men’s footwear, having the right kind of shoes will determine whether the outfit worn will be in tune or a complete disaster. XTI has all men covered with a vast assortment of men’s footwear, from mens sandals to formal shoes. The list of men’s footwear in XTI can be primarily categorized into:

Formal Shoes

Also known as dress shoes, they are ideal for official occasions and will make you look classy and professional when handling your business. These are the type of shoes you may need to match with your favorite tuxedo, blazers, and suits. You should choose a pair of dress shoes when you are going for a sophisticated, formal, and classy look. For example, the trademark oxford shoes have a design that matches with all formal attires – no wonder it is the most sold formal shoes in the store. The store also stocks brogue shoes and loafers, which can act as casual and formal shoes at the same time.

Casual Shoes

A good example of casual footwear is the popular mens flip-flops that are used for different purposes depending on the wearer. The flip-flops are mostly preferred during summer when the temperatures are too hot to pull an outfit with closed shoes. You can wear them on a typical day on the beach or a stroll in the park. The occasional footwear section of XTI also includes trainers and even mens beach shoes.


Although many people refer to them as athletic shoes, they can also be worn on casual occasions. They are usually designed for exercise or sports activities, and are suitable for both men and women. Sneakers are also categorized as soft shoes because they are made of rubber soles which is ideal for physical activities that make the shoes susceptible to wear and tear.


Men’s boots are an enigma in the society. The availability of different types of men’s boots in the XTI stores is all rounded with a variety of different sizes and design that suit any occasion, whether formal or informal. The various types of men’s boots available include combat boots, chukka, brogue, and Chelsea boots. There is a variety of men’s shoe styles, so it’s essential to go to a store that understands the impact of each style on an outfit since some men’s footwear is more suitable for certain outfits than others. There is no limit on what the XTI Store can offer. The availability of different types of footwear especially for men is quite an appearance.