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The XTI kids’ footwear collection is a diverse range that has both formal and functional footwear as well as the more stylish and eye-catching options for informal affairs.

Keep your child poised and dignified in formal options

XTI kids’ footwear are a necessity for the modern child. Ballet flats are a suitable yet stylish option for school and other formal affairs. They come in a variety of colors from the sparkly sequined ones to the less elaborate but still dignified ones.

Boots will be your child’s trusty companion during the colder winter months. These boots come in the simple yet functional designs and the more decorated ones with fur, buttons, and strings. Some are flat and low-maintenance while others are high for your little fashionista.

The shoes come in leather, which is easy to maintain and universally attractive. Some are made with other materials such as suede that are not as easily cleaned but add variety to a child’s wardrobe. In terms of embellishments, the shoes in the XTI kids’ footwear collection has sequins, glitter, buttons, strings, fur, and buckles that can fit into a variety of outfits.

Opt for more stylish options to rule the playground

While functionality is key, style is timeless.

XTI children’s shoes collection has a wide variety of sneakers for all tastes. Bold and bright sneakers are available for both boys and girls, and so are the more low-key designs.

There are several bold pink sneakers with soles that light up. Those are sure to steal the spotlight when the child walks into a room. Sneakers also come in neutral colors such as black and white that can work with any color of the outfit. Besides these, there are other colors such as blue, grey, brown, and so on that are a little less versatile in their possible combinations but amazing at the same.

The year 2019 is only a few weeks in and there will be many places a child will want to go. This includes the day-to-day outings like commutes, school, and simply moving about at home. There are also more formal events such as outings to church, recreational spots, and so on

It is best to purchase XTI kids’ footwear early on to keep your child looking good in all situations, and to prepare them for intense weather conditions such as fall and winter. Look through the XTI collection and pick your preferred choice.