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Xti Store offers training, support and counsel to the franchisee, both at the start of the activity and the first working days, with the goal that he/she achieves the success in charge of his/her own business. In fact, training does not only constitute an indispensable element of our franchise expansion, but also becomes as an essential requisite for the launch of an Xti Store establishment. Subsequently and during the whole career of the franchise, the boost, support and collaboration of Xti with our associates will be continue.

¿WHY Xti?

Xti is an own, renowned and internationally value brand. Moreover, we have a solid international positioning strategy, and a global logistic and supply capacity. We have an appropriate mix of products: a varied offer and adapted to different types of public that continuously renews itself in each collection.

Our operational is easy and standardized. The Xti Store franchisee will take charge of a business with very standardized processes. In Xti, we take advantage of the economies of scale to improve the products acquisition conditions, that will be updating at the same time that the business introduces improvements in their practical processes. We continually invest in R & D, and our franchises have exclusivity zones.


Our operation is simple and standardized. The franchisees of Xti Store will take charge of a business with very homogenized processes. Send us your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.