The Brand

Xti focuses its efforts on offering a service according to the latest fashion trends. Our objective is based on the establishment of the brand in the main cities of the world. The trust placed in our product moves us towards an attitude of continuous improvement in satisfaction and a commitment to global supply. Our product is identified with the loyalty and good know-how of a company consolidated under the canons of honesty and transparency.

At XTI we use the best materials to achieve the highest quality in our products. All boots, boots, shoes and bags are made with materials ranging from suede to suede, through the point, the patent leather and the canvas. They are durable products, where manufacturing and craftsmanship prevail. In this new collection, the dark and caramel tones mark the tonic: black, gray, navy, burgundy, pink, taupe, panama, camel and brown. And it is that our team of designers continuously reinterprets each of the lines of work of the most important fashion runways and assimilates the new trends to develop a product with its own identity. The result is the continuous creation of new proposals and collections oriented to cover the lifestyle of our public.

This unceasing pace of evolution and the constant study of the market guarantee the appearance of our six annual collections, one per station and two of innovation. In addition, all the collections of XTI share the interest for certain materials of tendency, cuts and chromatisms and, in spite of this, they include three very differentiated stylistic paths: classic, urban and sport, as can be clearly seen in this collection. In short, the trust placed in our product and in the materials we use to manufacture them moves us towards an attitude of continuous improvement and commitment to our customers. It is this determination that fights every day so that our image is part of the collective memory.

Our values

Constant offer of a competitive product, direct and efficient attention, business growth based on dynamism and efficiency, flexibility and tolerance to change and self-critical attitude

Xti 100% design and Spanish development

A team of designers work every day in our facilities to make a collection with the latest fashion tendencies to satisfy the desires of the most demanding consumer. Design and innovation are present in all products. An offer varied and adapted to different types of public that is constantly renewed in each collection.


We are among the top 3 of Spanish footwear exporters, with 42 own stores and franchises in various countries. We have more than 5,000 points of sale and distribution in more than 80 countries. More than 800 styles per season