Your privacy is very important for us, and so is that you know how do we compile, use and share information about you. In this policy we have the following sections:

Who we are.

Collection and treatment of a personal nature data.

Recipients of the personal nature data.

Rights of access, rectification, elimination, limitation, portability and opposition (info@xtistore.com)

Cookies policy

Social network

Trusted Shops

Express consent

1.- Who we are

We inform you that all the information you facilitate us through this website will be added to automatic files of personal data, being responsible of them XDC EUROPE DISTRIBUTION, SLU (from now on, XTI), with VAT B73961971 with registered office at POL. IND. LAS TERESAS – C/MIGUEL SERVET. 15 P2 PO BOX 710, registered in the Commercial Registry Sheet MU-95243  Volume 3249 Paper 157 Inscription 2.

In agreement with what is stipulated in the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNSIL of 27th April 2016, relative to the protection of the natural persons in terms of personal data treatment and the free circulation of these data (General Data Protection Regulation, from now on GDPR), XTI will attend in the available email address info@xtistore.com or through the phone number 968 718 313 any questions or claims that you may have relative to the exercise of your rights in matters of Data Protection.

2.- Collection and treatment of the personal data nature.

The provided personal data during the register procedure and those that are subsequently requested with obligatory character, will be the minimum necessary so that XTI can offer you its services and its treatment will have the purpose of managing the orders placed by you, as well as being able to send you commercial communications about our products and/or services. The legal basis for the aforesaid treatment will be to allow XTI to comply with their obligations towards its customers as per it is established in the Civil Code, Commerce Code, General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, General Law of Advertising and other Complementary Laws of the aforesaid. You will be able to unsubscribe at any moment, by sending a message to our contact address detailed here or by clicking in the link that will be available in the email with the aforesaid commercial communication.

Equally you will also be able to request the cancellation of your personal data in the same way indicated in the previous paragraph. In this case, your personal data will remain blocked once you have executed the order and the purchase price has been completely credited. Your personal data will be deleted after the legally established period has passed for the compliance of our commercial and fiscal obligations.

3.- Recipients of the personal nature data.

Inside the Xti Group there are several companies that assume, each one of them, a part of the necessary procedure to provide you the product you request us, is because of this why the rest of the Xti Group will have access to the data that you facilitate us being also able to send you commercial communications of the products and services that these companies of the Xti Group may offer you. Will also be communicated the transport agency in charge of the goods shipment and ceded, in this case, to the credit entity provider of the payment services within the framework of the payment management.

4.- Rights of access, rectification, elimination, limitation, portability and opposition (info@xtistore.com)

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, elimination, limitation, portability and opposition over your personal data by sending an email to the address: info@xtistore.es with the reference “Personal data protection”, free of charge.

In the aforesaid email, we will attend all doubts and claims relative to your personal data treatment that you may have. On occasion, we might request you to confirm your identity by sending a copy of your identity document. All the affected by our data processing will be able, in case of not concurring with our data processing, to issue a claim before the relevant control authority.

We will publish any changes that we introduce in our privacy policy. In any case, if the changes were significant, we will provide a prominent warning in our website, or bye a notification through email.

We invite you to check our privacy policy every time you use our service to keep you informed about our information practices and the ways you can protect your privacy. If you do not agree with any changes in this privacy policy, related to the necessary treatments for the provision of our services, you will have to stop using them and request the elimination of your data, just as it is indicated in the previous section.

5.- Cookies policy

Our website www.xtistore.es (the “Website”) uses a technology named “cookies” with the purpose of gathering information about the use of the Website. We inform you that we can use cookies with the purpose of facilitating your navigation through the Website, distinguish you from other users, provide you a better experience on its use and to identify problems to improve our Website. Moreover, by accepting the present privacy and data protection data policy, you consent us to use cookies that permit us to obtain more information about your preferences y to personalize our Website according to your individual interests.

The cookies that our Website uses are:

Registry cookies: These cookies are generated once the User has registered or subsequently logged in, and are used to identify you in the web and services with the following objectives:

To keep the user identified in a way that, if you close a service or website, the navigator or the computer and in another moment or day you enter again in the same service or web, you will remain logged in, facilitating this way your navigation without the need of logging in again. This functionality can be suppressed if the user presses the functionality “Log out”, so that this Cookie is eliminated and the next time you enter the website, the user will have to log in.

To check if the user is authorized to access to certain services, for example, to participate in a contest.

Additionally, some services may need third parties connectors such as Facebook, Twitter or Google. When the user registers in a service with credentials from a social network or identification system from third parties, he/she authorizes it to save a persistent cookie that remembers the identity and guarantees access to the web until it expires. The user can delete this cookie and deny the access through social networks or identification systems from third parties by updating his/her preferences in the corresponding social network.

Analytical cookies: Every time that an User visits a Website or Service, a tool from an external supplier (Google Analytics, comScore and similars) generates an analytical cookie in the user device. This cookie that is only generated during the visit, will be useful in further visits to the Xti services to anonymously identify the visitor. The main objectives that are pursued this way are, to allow the anonymous identification to the navigating users through the “Cookie”, identify in an anonymous way the most attractive contents for the users and to know whether the user repeats visit.Advertising cookies: This kind of cookies allow to increase the information of the advertising showed to each anonymous user in the Xti webs. Among others, the duration or display frequency of advertising, the interaction with them, or the navigation patterns and/or user behaviors as they help to define a profile of advertising interest.You can refuse at any moment your consent related to the present Cookies Policy, for that matter you will have to delete them from the storage of your device (computer or mobile device) through the settings and configurations of your Internet navigator. Unless you have set the configuration of your navigator, our system will create cookies when you visit our Website. Bear in mind that all navigators allow the change of the aforesaid configuration.

6.- Social Networks

Through our website you can access the social networks Facebook, Instagram or Youtube which access is open to all users. On these social networks the user can sign in and follow us follow us without costs... The user must be aware that these social networks are open (are visible for all the users of the social network) and the privacy policy are stated by each one of the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube... according to each case). Www.xtistore.es is not the owner of these social networks. Some examples of these privacy policies are https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/ ; https://help.instagram.com/519522125107875?helpref=page_content and https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=es.

7.- Express consent

With the express consent of our Privacy and Data Protection policy, you authorize us to use your email address and the rest of data you facilitate us for sending commercial communications. You can unsubscribe of them at any moment, by sending an email to our contact address or by clicking on the link provided for that in the email with the aforesaid commercial communication.

8.- Trusted Shops

To show our Trusted Shops seal of quality, just like to offer Trusted Shops products to the buyers after placing an order, this website includes the Trustbadge emblem of Trusted Shops.

For the purpose of interests deliberation, this allows to mainly protect our legitimate interests when the times comes to commercialize our offer in an optimal way. The Trustbadge emblem and the advertised services with it constitute an offer of the society Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str, 15 C, 50823 Koln (Germany).

Each time the emblem Trustbadge is consulted, the web server automatically saves the called registry file of the server, which contains, for example, your IP address, the date and the time of the visit, the amount of transmitted data and the applicant supplier (access data), at the same time it registers the visit. These access data are not evaluated and are automatically overwritten within seven days after finishing your visit to the website.

Other personal data are only transmitted to Trusted Shops, in a way that, once an order is formalized, you have chosen for the use of the products from Trusted Shops or have registered to enjoy its use. In this case, the contractual agreement established between you and Trusted Shops will be applied.

9.- Third parties tools

We use third parties tools that help us to provide you a better navigation experience through our websites. These tools have their own privacy policies that we will detail you and the Xti Group does not take responsibility of the changes these policies may have, as they are beyond our reach.

These tools are:

Nosto: It helps us to stand out products, improve the management of the shopping carts and provide customized products and offers with the goal that your navigation experience is perfect. You can check its privacy policy at http://www.nosto.com/data-privacy/.

Smartlook: It helps us to know which parts of our website are th emost interesting for you and which ones we need to improve to give you a better experience. You can check its privacy policy at https://www.smartlook.com/es/help/privacy-statement/.


10.- Regulation basisREGULATIONS (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNSIL of 27th April 2016, relative to the protection of the natural persons in regards of the treatment of personal data and the free circulation of these data.The Law 34/2002 from 11th July of the Services of the Information Society and of Electronic Commerce (LSSI).

Nombre de la CookieDescripción de la Cookie
FORM_KEY Almacena la clave generada aleatoriamente utilizada para evitar solicitudes falsificadas/td>
PHPSESSID Su ID de sesión en el servidor.
GUEST-VIEW Permite a los invitados ver y editar sus pedidos.
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART Un enlace a la información sobre su carrito y el historial de visualización, si ha solicitado esto.
STF Información sobre los productos que ha enviado por correo electrónico a sus amigos.
STORE La vista de tienda o el idioma que ha seleccionado..
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Indica si un cliente tiene permitido utilizar cookies.
MAGE-CACHE-SESSID Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE-SECTION-INVALIDATION Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
MAGE-CACHE-TIMEOUT Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
SECTION-DATA-IDS Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
PRIVATE_CONTENT_VERSION Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
X-MAGENTO-VARY Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
MAGE-TRANSLATION-FILE-VERSION Facilita el almacenamiento en caché del contenido en el navegador para hacer que las páginas se carguen más rápido.
MAGE-TRANSLATION-STORAGE Facilita la traducción de contenidos a otros idiomas.