Where can I acquire a Gift Card? Gift Cards can only be acquired on website at Gift Card menu.

See Gift Cards

Where can I use a Gift Card?

You can only use Gift Cards on website, you will not be able to use them in our outlets.

How can I use my Gift Card in

SiIf you possess a Gift Card you can use it on website, at shopping cart in Gift Card section, mark use Gift Card and introduce code of our Gift Card.

It can also be used when you finish your order, in the step where you must select payment method, it allows you to choose paying with Gift Card, introducing code of the Gift Card.

Where can I consult the following information: balance, expiration date and last activities?

You can consult it entering in your user account, at left menu you will find a section named "Gift Card", click on it and you will be able to see information of your Gift Card. To consult detail of your activities, click on option "see" in selected Gift Card.

Can I acquire a Gift Card to send it to a friend?

If you wish we provide you the option of buying a Gift Card and send it to a friend any day (for example his/her birthday), you can also include a customized message.

Can I ask for the reimbursement of my available balance?

No, balance of the Gift Card can not be reimbursed nor be traded for money.

For which reason can my Gift Card be rejected?

Your Gift Card can be rejected by any of the following reasons:

- Gift Card could be expired. Check that your Gift Card does not exceed expiry date (180 days after acquisition).

- It could be there is no balance left in your Gift Card. You can consult it entering in your user account, section named "Gift Card".

- It could be any inserted information was incorrect. Check you have filled in all mandatory fields correctly.

What happens if I return a product purchased at with a Gift Card?

The reimbursement will effect by increasing available balance in the Gift Card whenever mentioned Gift Card exists in the reimbursement moment. If for any reasons it does not exist, the reimbursement will effect by issuing a new Gift Card.